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This Section provides a high-level demonstration of how Administrators can leverage the new CPU Hot add capabilities in vSphere 8.0 to improve performance and simplified administration for their SQL Server instances on vSphere. We encourage Customers to diligently validate these options in their non-production environments to be better understand their suitability for their own particular needs. Starting with vSphere 8.0, the considerations for presenting virtual CPUs to a virtual machine have changed to accommodate and reflect the increasing importance of enhanced virtual CPU topology for modern Guest Operating Systems and applications. Starting with SQL Server 2014 SP2, “Soft-NUMA” is enabled by default and does not require any modification of the registry or service flags for the database service startup. Best possible performance in general is observed when a VM could fit into one pNUMA node and benefit from local memory access. For example, when sizing a SQL Server VM on a host with 12 pCores per pNUMA node, the VM is more likely to perform better when allocated 12 vCPUs than it will be when allocated 14 vCPUs.

What is the difference between core and CAL in SQL Server 2016?

Per CAL means you need a license for every user accessing SQL Server: CAL = Client Access License. Per Core means you need a license for every core of the machine where SQL Server is running, independent of how many user access the SQL Server.

This allows SQL Server 2016 Core Lessonsing CPU resources “on the fly” with no disruption to service. When CPU hot plug is enabled on a VM, the vNUMA capability is disabled. If number of NUMA clients required to schedule a VM is more than one, such VM will be referenced as a “wide VM” and virtual NUMA topology will be exposed to this Virtual Machine starting with vSphere version 5.0 and above.

Reference of all connection options​

For vSphere solves data center challenges found in physical network environments by delivering software-defined networking and security. Using existing vSphere compute resources, network services can be delivered quickly to respond to business challenges. By bringing the operational model of a VM to your data center network, you can transform the economics of network and security operations. NSX lets you treat your physical network as a pool of transport capacity, with network and security services attached to VMs with a policy-driven approach. In most cases, SQL Server instance, or even Failover Cluster Instances on a Monster VM, will not be impacted during a vMotion event with minimal performance overhead. There’s nothing SQL Server users or DBAs need to do during this action.

General availability of Azure OpenAI Service expands access to … –

General availability of Azure OpenAI Service expands access to ….

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We will demonstrate how we can connect in different ways to SQL Server database and PostgreSQL database. To license a single VM with a server license , purchase a server license and matching SQL Server CALs for each user or device. Standard Edition and legacy Business Intelligence and Enterprise Edition Servers. Ideal for development and production for desktop, web and small server applications. With Software Assurance , fluid movement between on-site and cloud platforms provides improved license management without restrictions.


If your OSE is mapped to different pieces of hardware, you’ll need additional licenses for anything the OSE is touching. These, and so many more questions are answered in this free online course. The next content covers the SSMS , its features and functions and how to install SQL Server Data Tools .

  • We will demonstrate how we can connect in different ways to SQL Server database and PostgreSQL database.
  • Configuration Maximuswhile planning, sizing, and running your SDDC hosting Mission Critical Applications.
  • As functionality is added to SQL Server with each new release, the necessity to use managed code decreases.
  • SQL Server Developer is a free edition providing the full feature set of SQL Server Enterprise.

Express Storage Architecture is recommended for a compromise of both capacity and performance consideration for SQL Server data files, transaction logs and TempDB files as well. The aggregate IOPS demands of all VMs on the VMFS should not exceed the IOPS capability the underlying physical disks. Many of SQL Server performance issues can be traced back to the improper storage configuration. SQL Server workloads are generally I/O intensive, and a misconfigured storage subsystem can increase I/O latency and significantly degrade performance of SQL Server.

Benefits of Core-Based Licensing

Each user and/or device accessing a licensed Windows Server Standard or Datacenter edition requires a Windows Server CAL or a Windows Server and a Remote Desktop Services CAL. The Base License for the Lenovo OEM Microsoft Windows Server Standard and Datacenter editions will cover up to 16 cores per system. Customers who need to license more than 16 cores can easily do so with Additional Licenses. Microsoft made several changes in the release of ODBC Driver 18 that affects how connection encryption is configured. To accommodate these changes, starting in dbt-sqlserver 1.2.0 or newer the default vallues of encrypt and trust_cert have changed.

This gain increases more when the “High with Hyperthreading” option is selected. This option enables virtual HT for such HT-aware applications in a vSphere environment. In general, selecting a high-performance policy provides more absolute performance, but at lower efficiency . Lower-power policies provide lower absolute performance, but at higher efficiency.

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